7 magazines that spend well for personal essays

7 magazines that spend well for personal essays

Despite many people stating that the individual essay boom is over, I’m seeing little proof to declare that readers’ appetites for candid, exposing and thought-provoking very first individual pieces are sated. The advantage of writing a personal essay is that you are drawing on your own experience, so there is very little need for external research or case studies for freelance writers. Numerous article writers additionally state that writing out their very own experience and sharing it with other people seems validating, affirming and healing.

Before we became a complete time freelancer, we wrote a couple of very first individual articles, but I don’t tend to accomplish this sort of writing plenty any longer.

There are many articles on how to sell personal essays into the chronilogical age of over-sharing and exactly how to create compelling first individual pieces for major magazines, and if you should be happy to open and share yours experience, i really believe you ought to be paid well because of it.

It may be difficult to get magazines that accept freelance submissions, allow locate publications that alone spend well for the writing. But there are lots of on the internet and print magazines searching for article writers.

Therefore when you yourself have a individual tale you want to share, where is it possible to pitch it?

7 magazines that spend well for individual essays

As they pay up to $3,000 for personal essays up to 2000 words if you’re a writer who has had a book published, it’s definitely worth pitching to Allure (a magazine predominantly for women about beauty.

For the people simple mortals in our midst who possessn’t written a novel, the price for individual essays appears to be similar to $250 – $500.

Glamour is yet another magazine that is women’s heavily centers around beauty, fashion and activity tales. Personal essays posted by Glamour are reported to fetch around $2/word.

3. The Guardian

You need to love an editor whom sets just just just what she desires from authors available to you and Jessica Reed through the Guardian undoubtedly provides. For beautifully written personal essays, The Guardian reportedly will pay 60c/word.

4 https://essay-writer.com/. Marie Claire

Then a personal essay directed to Marie Claire might be just the ticket if you’ve got something compelling, insightful, intimate, funny, relatable or awkward to say about your love or sex life. Writers report that Marie Claire will pay $2/word.

Have you been recognizing a layout right right here? Women’s mags love individual essays. It’s worth pitching to SELF magazine, who tend to pay at least $1/word if you want to write first hand experience about fitness, food, health or culture.

A powerful website addressing globe affairs, pop music tradition, science, company, politics and much more, Vox spend around $500 for individual essays. What’s better still is the clear pitching directions because of their First individual section.

7. News.com.au

Should you feel such as for instance a sharing a proper life tale like this 1, it is possible to pitch towards the lifestyle straight in the Australian internet site news.com.au. Authors are apparently compensated around $500 for a post.

The guidelines for pitching an individual essay are a lot exactly like whenever you query an editor for just about any other sort of writing project – you want a solid hook and engaging writing design.

The authors i am aware whom create individual essays think it’s great. They please feel free consequently they are positively delighted when visitors react to their articles with “me too!” Afterall, is not the point of composing to achieve and interact with others? Personal essays have a tendency to do this in a really way that is special.

Would you write individual essays? Have actually you discovered other well-paying markets?



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