Institution for females, Hay (1961 – 1974)

Institution for females, Hay (1961 – 1974) Girls employed in the yard, watched over by officers, Hay Institution for women, 1965., 1965, thanks to Community Services brand New Southern Wales, Human Services. DETAILS

The Hay Institution for Girls ended up being proclaimed within the old Hay Gaol on 28th July 1961 as a ‘school when it comes to reception, detention, upkeep, control, training and training of young ones and young people devoted to such organization to be called Institution for women, Hay’. Its establishment arrived after a number of riots which had happened in the Parramatta Girls Home during the early 1961. Girls delivered from Hay from Parramatta had been considered ‘incorrigible’.

The very first girls were transmitted from Parramatta in September 1961. Transfers happened through the night with girls escorted by officers in the train that is long to Narrandera, then put in a lockup van. Girls had been frequently sedated with largactil or valium through the journey. On arrival they certainly were given with institutional garments, had their locks cropped were and short locked in a ‘scrubbing’ cellular, often for a time period of 10 times. After this these were put in another cellular, referred to as ‘cabins’, for the remainder of these stay. Each mobile had been furnished with an individual bad, thin mattress, a blanket, sheets, pillow, Bible and per night can.

Discipline at Hay was brutal, with girls’ every movement, word and action managed and directed by officers. The routine that is daily made to humiliate and get a handle on. All interaction happened using a reporting procedure, where girls stayed silent, standing six foot aside, with ‘eyes towards the flooring’. Girls had no privacy and didn’t receive visitors, mail or schooling.

Education and training amounting to labour that is hard smashing concrete paths; digging; scrubbing; hand sewing leather, as well as other repetitive tasks, interspersed with real exercises referred to as ‘practices’.

Parragirls founder Bonney Djuric said in 2012:

‘Hay ended up being meant to break a woman’s nature as well as many it did – making numerous with serious post traumatic anxiety disorder as well as other real and psychological state dilemmas.’

Hay Girls organization shut on 30th 1974, due to community concerns about the treatment of girls and after protests by leaders of Sydney women’s movement june.

Hay’s presence ended up being exactly just what ABC television journalist Sharon O’Neill has referred to as a state key, proven to hardly any until 2004, whenever previous inmate Christina Green came back to your website together with the ABC. The very first reunion for the Hay Girls organization were held in the 3- 4 March 2007 of which time a memorial plaque utilizing the terms ‘Let no kid walk this course once more’ ended up being put into the causes.

Records of Hay Institution are included in Parramatta Training School for females records.



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